Owners Convicted for Owning Dogs that Attack

(PR.co.nz) A clear message that dog attacks wont be tolerated was given in the Huntly Court last week, when four Waikato people were charged and convicted for owning dogs that attack.

Waikato District Council’s Animal Control Team were extremely pleased with the Court’s decision, the culmination of 15 months of hard work in bringing the cases to court.

“Dog owners must take responsibility for their dogs and what they do,” said Nath Pritchard, Waikato District Council’s Regulatory General Manager.

“For the safety of our community, dog owners must keep their dogs under control at all times, and dogs mustn’t be able to freely leave a property,” he said.

Over the past year there were 150 reported dog attacks in the Waikato district.

Waikato District Council wants to work with Waikato residents to reduce the number of these attacks. If you witness a dog attack please report this immediately to the Animal Control Team on 0800 492 452.

Media Release 20 September 2010 from Waikato District Council.