Dunedin Mayor Disappointed Cadbury Factory to Close

(PR.co.nz) Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull says he’s extremely disappointed and saddened that Mondelēz International has confirmed it will close its Dunedin Cadbury factory.

Mr Cull says that as well as being devastating news for the workers affected and detrimental for the city’s economy and the Dunedin community, he still believed the decision to close the factory was misguided and wrong.

“The Cadbury factory is efficient and profitable, with a highly skilled and loyal workforce. I believe Mondelēz has underestimated the contribution of our city to their success and they will ultimately regret this decision.”

Mr Cull says he took some comfort, however, from the fact that Mondelēz had listened to his and other city leaders’ calls to look at options for some continued processing for the local market.

Mondelēz has committed to being part of a working group also including Mr Cull, the E tū Union and other city leaders, to look for potential third-party manufacturers to continue producing some key Cadbury products for the New Zealand market.

Mr Cull says he is also heartened that Mondelēz has committed to redeveloping and growing Cadbury World, which is a significant component of Dunedin’s tourist industry.

“I look forward to getting back around the table with the other working party members to make the best of a bad situation and achieve the best possible outcomes for our community from here.”

Mr Cull says his other main focus will now be on making sure the appropriate agencies help to support those workers, families and other members of the community affected by the closure.

“I am gutted for the workers affected by the closure. The appropriate agencies and organisations will pull together to support them – whether that be through facilitating opportunities for new employment, re-training or any other practical measure.

“A wide number of other city leaders and agencies have expressed their desire to be part of a city wide support effort and I know they will follow through,” he says.

Media Release 17 March 2017.