Dunedin Mayor's Fight Against Street Violence

(PR.co.nz) “Any suggestion that Dunedin should toughen up and accept that incidents of random street violence are the norm because this is what happens elsewhere is totally unacceptable – repugnant even – to me as Mayor and to most in our community” says Dunedin Mayor, Dave Cull, in a strongly worded ‘rallying call’.

“We are routinely found by national surveys measuring perceptions of public safety (Quality of Life) as being safer than other large cities.

“I am not prepared to stand by and see that hard-won reputation trashed by a few violent, drunken louts.

“Every year we host over 20,000 students who come to Dunedin to study. For eight months of every year I and my fellow residents accept responsibility for their well-being.

“This is not about to change.

“If drunkenness leads to street violence we must put a stop to it. Maybe laws making public drunkenness an offence should be re-introduced. Perhaps we consider banning repeat offenders from certain parts of town.

“Dunedin has, traditionally, led many changes to liquor licensing laws and their enforcement.

“It is time once again for us to take the lead in cleaning up our streets for the enjoyment of innocent law-abiding citizens at any time of the day or night and I am more than ready to play my part in that. I will be seeking advice on what options Council has to address the problem.”

Media Release 18 February 2011 from Dunedin City Council.