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East Africa Crisis Appeal

( New Zealand Red Cross is accepting donations for the East Africa Crisis Appeal to raise money for and assist people affected by the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Where conflict and insecurity have endured for more than 20 years, the impact of drought is making a tough situation for more than 7.5 million people even worse.

Hundreds of Somalis are leaving the country every day destined for the overcrowded refugee camps in northern Kenya that are incubators for disease and insurrection.
New Zealand Red Cross International Operations and Emergency Manager Andrew McKie said it’s the worst drought in 60 years with millions of people facing starvation and in need of rapid assistance.
“Population pressure is putting demands on dwindling natural resources,” he said.

“Where communities used to number in the hundreds, they now include thousands of people, compounding environmental degradation and boosting competition for limited resources such as water and grazing land.

“Every year New Zealand Red Cross remains committed to supporting disasters.
In the past year alone we have supported 257,000 vulnerable people, spent $847,000 on pacific development programmes and sent 51 aid workers overseas.”

New Zealand Red Cross also has an aid worker, Felicity Gape, is currently on mission for the International Committee of Red Cross supporting humanitarian efforts in Somalia and Kenya.

People in New Zealand can donate to the appeal via

All funds will be used towards the East Africa Crisis Appeal to assist people and communities affected. No funds will be used for administration costs or staff salaries.

Media Release 12 July 2011 from Red Cross.



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