Entec offer Gas Detector Hire to fill Temporary NZ Industry Needs

(PR.co.nz) Entec, an Auckland-based provider of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and gas detection equipment is offering a rental service, designed to help New Zealand businesses keep their employees safe in times where additional gas detectors are required.

In certain events, such as major outages or shutdowns, additional gas detection equipment may be required to ensure a high safety standard is maintained.

Entec have a fleet of over 100 portable gas detectors available in-house, all these units are recently serviced, fully calibrated and ready for use.

“In unexpected events such as plant shutdowns or emergencies, a company will often require additional portable gas detectors”, explains Entec managing director Bob Weston.

“With our ability to deliver ready-to-use gas detectors at short notice to businesses throughout New Zealand, we are able to ensure that workers remain safe in these often unexpected occurrences”.

Stocking the most recent models, equipped with the latest technological advancements, companies can rent portable gas detectors for both short and longer periods – daily, weekly and monthly.

Weston also points out that the added benefit of renting the latest gas detection equipment is that it gives businesses the opportunity to experience these newer models, aiding their future purchasing decisions.

“As with most digital technologies these days, improvements and changes come quickly”, says Weston.

“We are constantly blown away by the latest innovations that these newer models possess – renting these detectors allows NZ industries to experience this, first hand”.

The Entec rental fleet of gas detectors covers the detection and monitoring of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Combustible Gases, Oxygen and other gases (upon request).

For rental or leasing inquiries get in touch with Entec via their website.

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