Envirovac launches drain unblocking services

Envirovac is an Auckland wastewater management formerly based in Epsom, servicing all of Auckland and the Rodney district since opening in 2018. Envirovac performs a full range of commercial and homeowner services, including floodwater removal, cesspit and grease trap maintenance, and water tank cleaning and repair.

The company is now pleased to announce the introduction of drain unblocking services using its new state-of-the-art vacuum truck, which can also be used for hydro excavation jobs. Envirovac’s fleet now numbers five trucks.

“We’re proud to offer our services to the wider Auckland community and thank our loyal customers for their continued support during these uncertain times,” says operations manager Olya Lomakina. “Even through this difficult year, the business has seen growth, which has allowed us to move to new offices and expand our service offerings and our fleet. We understand how drain issues in particular can adversely impact businesses and that a quick resolution is of the utmost importance.”

To achieve that, the Envirovac team uses the latest technology and tools to diagnose and remedy the issue, including CCTV.

“Our CCTV drain inspection equipment bends with the curves of any given pipe so we can literally see what’s causing the problem. Once we know, we cut out the pipe and remove the blockage. We can also use high-pressure hydro flushing to dislodge any stubborn blockages and then suck up the debris.”

Using CCTV equipment reduces the need to excavate large sections of pipe to locate the problem, saving time while keeping drain repair costs to a minimum. Envirovac prides itself on providing accurate quotes upfront in terms of price and time and can make after-hours callouts to quickly address emergency plumbing issues.

Contact Envirovac on 09 218 5884 or visit us at our new location at 136 Mararua Road, Ellerslie.

Media Release on 16 November 2020

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