Experience Argentina’s Passion In New Zealand

(PR.co.nz) Gabriela de Urtiaga is a woman with a passion. Alfajores to be exact. If you haven’t been lucky enough to have had the Alfajor experience, now is your chance.

Gabriela’s company, La Casa Alfajores, is now making these authentic Argentinian sweets in New Zealand. We will tell you where to find them, but first some history.

Alfajores are based on a traditional Arab sweet called Alaju, and became popular in Argentina in the mid nineteenth century. They can be found all over Latin America, but the Argentinians have taken it to the next level, consuming 900 million of them each year!

The basic concept is two biscuits with caramel in the middle, but don’t underestimate how many wonderful ways there are to do this! Think chocolate, coconut, cherries, all hand made with love and care.

The caramel is known as “Dulce de Leche”, an exceptional combination of milk and sugar. The biscuits vary from light and fluffy, to richer cocoa based delights made from European style butter and fresh eggs. You will find hints of rum and orange in some of these masterpieces.

La Casa Alfajores makes two of Argentina’s most popular versions: Alfajores de Maizena, and Alfajores de Chocolate (Marplatense alfajores).

Another must are the Conitas. These are crafted from a small cocoa biscuit topped with Dulche de Leche, encasing a maraschino cherry, and coated in delicious dark chocolate.

You need no excuse to try these wonderful delicacies, but if you want to, celebrate a special occasion with them, or brighten someone’s day with a gift of Alfajores. Giving Alfajores as Corporate Gifts will ensure your company is remembered with delight.

Alfajores are versatile due to their texture, ingredients and size, and are equally at home accompanying a dessert wine, as a coffee, or serve them as dessert.

Media Release on 17 November 2017 by La Casa ALFAJORES

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