First Women Empowerment Bootcamp in New Zealand


New Zealand female duo brings together women all around the globe in one unique project. Primothon ( a brand that embodies the ideas of empowerment, wellness and strategy- is launching their first ever bootcamp on November 1st- an affordable and inclusive platform that provides challenges aiming to improve the lives of women everywhere.

“We hear and see a lot of good intentions in media and communities, but they often fizzle out as accountability drops. We wanted to provide something tangible for women that can be easily-implemented as they take charge of their lives,” said Gau Kurman, co-founder of Primothon. “This is the first project of its type that combines experts on multiple topics such as finance, health, mindset, creativity, etc. and delivers a holistic, authentic and affordable solution that is accessible to all.”

According to a KPMG Women’s Leadership study, 73% of women lack the confidence to pursue a job opportunity beyond their experience, 67% of women need more support building confidence to be leaders and 59% of women are worried others will judge their appearance.

Primothon covers the following topics in their bootcamp:

Mindset and self-realization work that digs deep
Health and beauty that goes beyond the superficial
Finances and how to manage them in a smart way
How to harness and maintain healthy relationships in life
Creativity that radiates into all aspects of life
Business and career that will inspire and motivate

Primothon has partnered with 25+ guest speakers from all over the world that will share their knowledge with the participants. There will be strategists, professional psychologists, fitness trainers, mindset coaches, etc to target all main spheres of life and offer a diverse range of topics and solutions.

In addition, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Women’s Refuge NZ, an organization dedicated to combating domestic abuse and the women and children affected by it. Primothon sets out to be much more than just another bootcamp, they hope to change the world, one woman at a time. Find out more at:

Media Release 13 October 2020.