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(PR.co.nz) For as long as humans have been around, we’ve been able to marvel at the beauty, diversity and sheer pleasure of flowers. Whether it’s the romance of a single red rose, the exotic charm of a stunning orchid or the comforting warmth of a bunch of get-well tulips, flowers have the ability to uplift and enhance the mood of just about any occasion. After more than 11 years of helping people send their messages of congratulations, condolence and love, Flower Workshop Florist in Wellington has gained a deep understanding of the power that sending flowers to a loved one can have. So if someone you know has a special occasion coming up, an unfortunate event to commiserate, or you just want to express your feelings to them, let the Flower Workshop in Wellington help you say it with flowers.

We often forget to tell people who are close to us just how proud we are of their achievements in life. Is someone you know about to graduate from school or university? Have they recently gained a big promotion or a new job? Perhaps they’ve opened a new business, run their first marathon or finally given up smoking! Whatever the reason, sending flowers is a great way to let someone you know that you’re proud of what they’ve accomplished as well as rewarding them for all their hard work. Even if they’re not quite there yet, a timely bunch of flowers from a friend or family member can be just the encouragement they need to stick at it and ultimately accomplish that goal. If you want to let someone who’s working towards an important milestone or achievement know that you’re thinking about them, get in touch with Flower Workshop Florist today and say it with flowers!

Unfortunately there are times in life when we aren’t celebrating, but commiserating. Often, these are the most important times to reach out to our loved ones and let them know we’re thinking of them. The simple act of sending someone flowers can be a great way to help someone get through a difficult period such as a personal sickness or the passing of a loved one. Not only will a bunch of beautiful flowers brighten up someone’s physical environment, they will also serve to remind the recipient that they have people in their lives that care about them and will be there to help them through the tough times. If someone you know is struggling with illness, then Flower Workshop Florist can help you cheer them up just a bit with a suitable bunch of flowers delivered anywhere in Wellington, Porirua or the Hutt Valley. They also offer funeral flower arrangements to help celebrate the life of a passed loved one, and to comfort those they’ve left behind.

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Media Release on 5 December 2014

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