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( A successful land development project can help to revitalise a neglected urban area, provide homes and working spaces for a city’s residents, enhance the connection between citizens and their natural environment and generally improve peoples’ enjoyment of the physical spaces that they occupy. If done properly, a good land development project can achieve all of these things while also providing its backers with a solid return on their investment. Cato Bolam are the land development and environmental planning consultancy experts, helping ensure your land development project both achieves its goals and provides the necessary returns for taking on the risk that any investment project carries.

Cato Bolam offer a full suite of professional land development consultancy services covering all aspects of land subdivision, development, civil engineering, resource management and statutory planning requirements. Their experience with land development spans the full range of project types, from large scale commercial developments to residential and rural projects. Cato Bolam will fit seamlessly into your project team, working with architects, other land development consultancies, councils and government agencies to make sure that your land development project gets the best results in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

Cato Bolam has established a sound reputation for delivering these services in a timely, high quality and reliable fashion. For every project that they take on, their aim remains to provide their clients with the very best possible value with the least possible risk. Using modern technology and industry best practices, Cato Bolam are able to deliver their services at the highest standards of efficiency and accuracy. They understand that most of their projects will be around for a long time and for this reason they are determined to leave a legacy to be proud of for years to come.

Drawing on a wide range of expertise in surveying, planning, and engineering, Cato Bolam will work efficiently and effectively to deliver excellent project outcomes. By taking a highly coordinated approach to the land development process, Cato Bolam can assist you to avoid the delays which would otherwise occur when using separate service providers. Cato Bolam form strategic partnerships with all of their clients and pride themselves on providing practical, accurate advice and keeping their clients fully informed throughout the duration of the project.

With offices in Henderson, Orewa and Whangarei, Cato Bolam has a strong history of completing projects throughout the upper North Island. If you need a land development partner you can trust to get the job done, then visit Cato Bolam at their website or send them an email at

Media Release on 5 December 2014

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