Forklift certificate course helps operators with English as a second language

( While it’s a requirement that forklift operators have a reasonable standard of English to be safe in the workplace, when it comes to training and refresher courses, providing learning materials in a trainee’s native language can improve the quality of learning. DT Driver Training’s online forklift certificate course offers the option to translate questions from English into 103 languages. The most popular languages are Samoan, Hindi and Tagalog (Filipino).

“The vast majority of people who are working in New Zealand have a good comprehension of spoken English, which is why we deliver video content in English” said Darren Cottingham, director of DT Driver Training, “but when it comes to reading and understanding questions, it can be a struggle, especially if you’ve grown up reading a language that uses a different character set. The instant translation in the web page is a real bonus for these people.”

Companies, or PCBUs, have an obligation to provide effective training to their employees. This means ensuring that training isn’t just a box-ticking exercise and that trainees have understood the materials.

“It’s unrealistic for training companies to be able to provide staff that speak multiple languages. This is where online learning comes into its own. Even if a person has difficulties comprehending the concepts around operating a forklift, they can repeat the course materials again and again until they gain understanding.”

The course also offers opportunities for companies that run literacy programs internally to double the benefit. “Operators can attempt the course in English but can always do a quick translation to check they have correctly understood the materials,” he added.

Course features
– $89 inc GST
– 16 modules with video, animation, images and voiceover followed by questions
– One year’s access
– Translations
– Audio recordings of all questions in English
– Available 24/7 on any device
– Free iOS/Android app
– Companies can manage multiple operators
– Reporting

Media Release on 4 July 2018

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