Giftbox Boutique selects SPCA for their annual Christmas Charity Drive

Giftbox Boutique have selected the New Zealand SPCA to support through their annual Red Ribbon Appeal.

Offering a wide range of gift hampers, packaged and presented professionally, customers will be given a choice to upgrade from the usual black ribbon to a festive red ribbon for an extra dollar.

Every dollar contributed by customers will then be matched by Giftbox Boutique (up to a $2500 value) and donated directly to the SPCA.

Giftbox Boutique clients are well accustomed and have shown eagerness to participate in past ribbon drives. Most recently, their blue ribbon which raised money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation saw over 300 customers opt in.

Running ribbon appeals three times a year, the Red Ribbon Appeal in the lead up to Christmas is the most popular.

This year, Giftbox Boutique approached their customers for feedback on which charity to support, creating a survey on their Facebook page.

“Because we always want to push for a high uptake for our ribbon drives, we decided to ask our customer base for their opinion”, says Director, Katie Gray.

“Discovering which specific charities our customers feel most passionately about allows us to build on the success of our previous ribbon appeals, raising even more for the selected charity”.

The company’s Facebook followers were given a selection of four popular New Zealand based charities, with the SPCA receiving the highest number of votes.

“We are very happy with our customer’s selection – we know it is the busiest time of year for the SPCA, so our donations will go a long way”.

The lead-in to the holiday period is also Giftbox Boutique’s most in-demand time of the year, meaning they expect a significant number of buyers to opt for the red ribbon upgrade at checkout.

From their 2018 red ribbon appeal, the company managed to raise $3500 for the Salvation Army. However, as customers familiarity with the ribbon appeals increase, coupled with their input into the supported charity, Giftbox Boutique expects to increase this number to over $5,000 for 2019.

This year’s Red Ribbon appeal is currently running through to December 20 and is selectable upon purchase of any gift hamper on their website.


Media Release on 23 October 2019

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