Storage King Customer-Centric Storage Solutions


In a move which is a boon for investors, independent operators, and customers, Storage King has lined up a vast network of storage facilities to meet the growing demand for storage space in Auckland.

Storage King is the largest provider of self-storage solutions for people in New Zealand. The company offers storage solutions to help people declutter or downsize their homes, or relocate to new homes. Customers are guided all the way through the moving process to ensure their belongings are stored safely in good condition.

The company continues in its trail-blazing tradition of excellence it has cultivated since inception. Their holistic approach covers the storage needs of individuals, businesses, and organisations. There’s a secure, easily-accessible storage solution for everyone, regardless of the size of storage space needed, the types of goods to be stored, and the size of the budget.

To further ensure that convenient solutions are available to all customers, Storage King provides everything needed for a moving day, from moving materials to trucks, and expert removalists. Customers can order customised storage cardboard boxes, port-a-robes, tapes, bubble wraps, etc.

Other crucial moving day resources provided by the company include a series of self-help videos available on the company’s official website. These videos cover important topics like how to prepare for a moving day, how to use packing supplies, how to pack different items like electronics, furniture, glassware, jewellery, etc. There’s also the storage space estimator on the company’s website to help customers easily determine the exact amount of storage space they need.

Customers also have the option to allow Storage King to organise removalists to pack and transport their goods.

And customers can rest assured that all their precious goods are stored in secure, weather-resistant units.

The company also ensures that all partner operators and newly acquired facilities comply with its industry-best standards for security, accountability, and accessibility. Partner operators who have fulfilled the company’s selection criteria get to enjoy the benefits of partnering with a major brand while also operating with relative independence.

Storage King is poised to ensure that any individual and business in Auckland, can store their items in an affordable, easily-accessible storage unit for as long as they need the space.

Media Release 22 October 2019.