Eve Health’s Stress and Adrenal Test


Once again leading New Zealand’s self-care revolution, Auckland’s Eve Health introduces an addition to their at-home testing service: the Eve Stress & Adrenal Test. These days many of us are, or know someone who is, struggling with high stress, burnout, exhaustion or adrenal fatigue. This affects everyone from mothers who are juggling families, to busy corporates, those battling health conditions, or supporting someone else who is struggling with their health.

Since 2017, Eve Health’s sister company, Be Pure, has conducted surveys across 8,000 New Zealanders about their health and wellness concerns. The results found that 74% experience moderate to severe fatigue with concerns around their energy, while 49% have moderate to severe mood and mental wellbeing health concerns. These results were the inspiration for Eve Health’s newest product to join the family.

“You might know you’re ‘stressed’, but there are actually different types of stress pictures that you would address differently to re-establish balance, and finding out where your body is at is key,” said Eve’s Head of Product & Experience, Beatrice Thorne. “Stress is more than feeling overwhelmed by work, finances or our to-do lists. There are many types of stressors – such as caffeine, environmental toxins, inflammatory foods, just to name a few – so finding out what’s contributing to that weight on your shoulders is key. Even if you don’t feel ‘stressed’ in your mind, that doesn’t mean your body isn’t under stress.”

The Eve Health Stress & Adrenal Test is designed to help people understand how well their bodies are dealing with life’s daily stressors. The test measures cortisol and cortisone levels through 4-5 saliva samples collected throughout the day, providing a picture of your body’s adaptation to the stress we all face.

Once your test is complete, the Eve team will deliver your report, complete with tips around diet, movement, mindfulness, nutritional products, recipes and a weekly planner, all tailored just for you, straight to your inbox from a trained Holistic Health Consultant.

“This test helps us understand how our bodies are dealing with stress,” explained Beatrice. “We find out your stress picture. Is your body in a state of high stress? Or burnout? Are high cortisol levels late in the day behind your difficulty sleeping? All these stress pictures would be dealt with differently so it’s important to find out what is happening for your body.”

The Eve Health Adrenal Test is available online at www.evehealth.com.

Media Release 18 October 2019.