Life X DNA: Pioneering DNA Analysis Service for Health and Wellness in New Zealand

Auckland, 25th July 2023, – Life X DNA, a leading provider of innovative DNA analysis services, is  revolutionising the health and wellness industry in New Zealand with its ground-breaking genetic testing solutions. By combining cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise, Life X DNA is  empowering individuals to take charge of their health and make informed decisions based on their  unique genetic makeup. 

As a pioneer in the field of DNA analysis, Life X DNA offers comprehensive genetic testing that  provides invaluable insights into various aspects of health and wellness. Through a simple and  non-invasive testing process, individuals gain access to personalised reports that decode their  

genetic information, shedding light on factors such as metabolism, nutrient absorption, food  sensitivities, exercise response and predispositions for disease. 

“We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to optimise their health and wellness journey,”  says Robert Van der Moigg, CEO of Life X DNA. “Our mission is to empower individuals by  unlocking the secrets of their genetic blueprint and providing them with the knowledge they need  to make positive, lasting changes.” 

Life X DNA’s advanced DNA analysis services have garnered widespread acclaim for their accuracy,  reliability, and scientific rigor. With a team of dedicated experts and state-of-the-art technology,  Life X DNA ensures that each analysis is conducted with utmost precision, allowing customers,  ranging from toddlers to Olympians, to trust the results they receive. 

The impact of Life X DNA’s genetic testing is far-reaching, providing individuals with the tools to  make informed decisions about their diet, exercise routine, and overall lifestyle choices. Armed  with personalised insights, individuals can tailor their health and wellness strategies to suit their  genetic predispositions, ultimately leading to more effective and sustainable outcomes. 

Beyond the scientific aspect, Life X DNA prides itself on offering exceptional customer support and  guidance throughout the entire process. With a commitment to empowering individuals, their  team is readily available to address any queries and provide personalised recommendations based  on the genetic test results. 

Winner of the Apac Insider – Australian Enterprise Awards ‘Best DNA Health Testing Company  2023the Life X DNA analysis service for health and wellness is making waves in Australia & New  Zealand, attracting attention from health-conscious individuals seeking to optimise their wellbeing and extend their lives through knowledge and prevention. 

“Unlock the secrets of your DNA for a healthier you! With DNA testing, your genes become your  guide, revealing personalised insights to nourish your body and nurture your soul. Embrace the  journey of self-discovery and transform your well-being.” – Sol Goldfinch, NZ Business  Development Manager.

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Rebecca Mooney, Sales & Marketing Director, Life X DNA, 

About Life X DNA: Life X DNA is a leading provider of DNA analysis services in Australasia  specialising in health and wellness. With advanced genetic testing technology, Life X DNA  empowers individuals to optimise their health and wellness journey through personalised insights  derived from their genetic information. 

Quote from CEO Robert Van der Moigg: “With knowledge comes power. Embrace the wisdom of  your genes and unlock your true potential.”

Media Release on 8 August 2023