Sir Richard Taylor Support for Femme Natale @ Edinburgh Fringe 2023

FEMME NATALE – THE NZ Comedy Sketch Show on Parenthood!

What does a LOTR Oscar Winner have to do with an independent theatre group going to Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Fundraising! A contract for Femme Natale to perform at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival came from Just the Tonic in February this year. Femme Natale needed to decide if could they afford to go? But how could they not!

Femme Natale includes Director Fingal Pollock and performers April Phillips, Jeremy Nelson, and Tracey Savage. The team have spent the last six months applying for support via the relevant funding bodies but with most potential sponsors diverting support towards disaster relief, there has been a lot of money to raise.

Sir Richard Taylor, with a connection to Director Fingal Pollock kindly offered up a Weta Workshop rare collectible – SARUMAN THE WHITE Paint Master Figure. The figure will be auctioned off to help offset remainder of marketing cost via Trademe. Saruman The White Paint Master on Trademe.

“We simply couldn’t do this trip without the support we’ve received from Sir Richard, and other champions along the way. It’s a big gig, we are leaving our families at home, and taking a punt. We’ve performed this show at many centers and festivals around NZ over the last five years. This will be our international debut – a fantastic opportunity to get in one of the top five comedy festivals worldwide and we’ve achieved this independently. We’ve already had interest from other international Fringe Festivals, and we are attending many networking events whilst in Edinburgh.” Says Director Fingal Pollock.

The team flies for Edinburgh this week in preparation for their season starting Tuesday 15th August. A fantastic example of NZ arts practitioners making things happen. Support has also been raised via Boosted and Givealittle campaigns along with support from Dame Dawn Sanders Philanthropic Trust umbrella Capital Theatre Productions – enabling the group to attract tax deductible donations.

Fiercely truthful, Femme Natale is an unapologetic comic peek into the world of parenting from before, during and after, in an hilarious mix of original songs, sketches, and physical comedy.

“Thoroughly enjoyed it” – Dame Kate Harcourt
“So funny, my face hurt from laughing” – Emily Writes
“Hilarious, human, viscerally resonant” – Adam Dodd @ Globe Theatre
“Everyone should see this show” – John Smythe @ Theatre Review
“A perfect blend of the raucous and gleefully filthy with the empathetic and insightful. A great night out” – Graeme Tuckett / RNZ and Dominion Post

Media Release on 8 August 2023

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PRESS: +64 (0)2 429 9779
PRESS IN UK: Michelle Mangan m: +44 07 9792 27909
Insta/Facebook: @Femmenataletheatre
Director: Fingal Pollock. Actors: April Phillips, Fingal Pollock, Jeremy Nelson and Tracey Savage
Venue: Just the Tonic at The Mash House, Venue 288 – 37 Guthrie Street, EH1 1JG 60mins. Dates: Tuesday 15th to Sunday 27th August (No show Monday 21st)
+44 (0)131 226 0000