SmartWay Builders Implement Continuous Improvement Systems

Continuous Improvement Systems (CIS), primarily associated with fields like IT and manufacturing, involves a systematic, iterative approach to process enhancement. By formally implementing CIS, SmartWay Builders has brought about transformative change in their operations and service delivery.

“CIS has been a game-changer for us,” says Howard Woolston, Managing Director of SmartWay Builders. “By focusing on constant, incremental improvements, we’ve been able to enhance our efficiency, minimize waste, and deliver high-quality results that surpass customer expectations.”

The application of CIS has enabled SmartWay Builders to elevate the customer experience significantly. The company now leverages CIS to understand the customer journey better, identify potential pain points, and create highly personalized renovation experiences, fostering stronger client relationships and enhancing brand loyalty.

SmartWay Builders’ CIS-driven approach also aids in risk mitigation. The company has developed predictive models to anticipate potential challenges, leading to fewer project delays, potential budget overruns, and an improved project success rate.

“By predicting and proactively addressing potential renovation challenges, we’ve drastically reduced unpleasant surprises for our customers which can be common in house renovation particularly when the original plans are not available,” adds Howard. “This results in smoother projects and happier clients.”

Additionally, CIS has equipped SmartWay Builders to be a future-ready organization. With the increasing demand for smart home integrations, sustainable solutions, and innovative designs, the company’s CIS framework allows them to stay ahead of trends and meet evolving customer needs.

In closing, Howard says, “Our adoption of CIS has revolutionized the way we operate, making us more efficient, customer-focused, and forward-looking. It’s an exciting time for the home renovation industry, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this change.”

Media Release 15 August 2023.