Burnout Syndrome: Classified as an “Occupational Phenomenon”?

(PR.co.nz) Although it’s been classified as a professional condition by the World Health Organisation, when we look around at our families and communities, it quickly becomes obvious that burnout is not just for our 9-5 warriors. Burnout can affect anyone.

“If you tried to tell an exhausted single or stay-at-home mum who is juggling kids, their schedules, and home duty that she is not burnt out, she may be quick to set you straight,” shared Beatrice Thorne, General Manager of Eve Health based in Auckland.

Classifying burnout as an occupational phenomenon may be a step in the right direction for recognising the exhaustion, depletion, and lack of drive that more and more people seem to be experiencing, however, New Zealand scientific wellness company Eve Health says this classification is still missing the mark in truly acknowledging the issue.

“Only looking at burnout as being something that affects professionals maybe, in our opinion, shortsighted. Look at adults who are helping vulnerable relatives; students at university; athletes; and those who have been affected by a traumatic experience. Many of these people would tell you they’ve experienced burnout.”

In a recent survey conducted across 200 New Zealanders over a 24 hour period, Eve Health found that 96% of people felt that they had reached burnout at some stage and that 26% of people said that their work was not the cause of their burnout.

“Over the years of helping thousands of people through the BePure Clinic, we’ve observed that stress and burnout are huge trends affecting health and wellness today,” said Beatrice. “Our latest survey was conducted over a 24-hour window, however, we are planning to gather more information around burnout and how it relates to those who don’t fall under the “occupational phenomenon” category as classified by the World Health Organisation. Our first response has shown us that 26% of kiwis don’t feel their burnout is caused by work so we’re curious to see how many more people out there are feeling this same way.”

About Eve Health: Launched in February 2019, Eve Health gave rise out of a genuine need of women and men across New Zealand. Eve’s at-home Hormone Balance Test and Stress & Adrenal Test have made waves in the New Zealand health and wellness industry. Eve Health’s mission is simple: they’re putting your health back into your hands. www.evehealth.com

Media Release on 23 November 2019

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