New Zealand's first online yoga website launches

( Building on the popularity of yoga across New Zealand, this month sees the official launch of New Zealand’s first online yoga website. All classes are taught by New Zealand teacher Sarah Dunning, who has over 10 years experience in yoga and mindfulness. She trained while she was living in the USA, but has since returned home to teach in New Zealand.

“The online classes are an extension of the classes I teach around New Zealand. It’s a pleasure to practice yoga on a regular basis, and my own practice really improved when I made time to practice on a daily basis. Of course, this can be tricky, so an online option can make this more accessible. My hope is that more people can find 15 minutes a day to stretch, bend, and breathe it out. There are classes for gentle stretching, classes for beginners, yoga for first thing in the morning, and ways to wind down your day.”

All classes can be found at

Media Release on 14 September 2018 by Breath Repeat

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