Kiwi Company Fighting Exploitation of Farmers in the Superfood Market

( Seleno Health is a small family business that produces and imports maca to New Zealand. Maca, a plant which grows only in Peru, has grown in popularity around the world, and for good reason—its health benefits are unique and numerous. However, the popularity of the plant has led to unethical practices in the food industry, and large corporations are profiting off the backs of small scale farmers and communities. Seleno Health is taking up arms against the exploitation of farmers in Peru by running a volunteer program and by raising money to fund development projects in the rural Andes.

Founders of Seleno Health, Dr. Corin Storkey and Jacqueline Sally Huapaya, learned that most Andean maca farming communities lack essential utilities like running water, heat, electricity, reliable shelter, and good schools. Corporations pressure farmers to produce more crop than they can feasibly manage—all without fair compensation. These corporate entities continue to take advantage of isolated and developing communities because the farmers don’t understand the agricultural gold mine that they are sitting on and are powerless to negotiate.

“As long as this exploitation continues, these communities will continue to decay at the world’s expense. Andean farmers, who know the secrets to growing maca and other superfoods, are beginning to abandon their trade due to lack of compensation. This could lead to a rapid end to maca and many of the world’s most popular superfoods.” –Dr. Corin Storkey, Co-Founder of Seleno Health

Seleno Health is working to cut corporate greed from the superfood market to support famers. They bring maca directly from the farm to the consumer, and a generous portion of

Seleno Health’s profits goes directly back to the farmer and his community. They are also linking with Victoria University of Wellington, Corin’s former University to continue their research program and substantiate the science behind the traditional medicine.

“Maca is a 2000-year-old Incan medicine that is embedded in the culture and history our people in Junin. It is celebrated in a month-long harvest festival and is integral to the management of our health. Our new research is beginning to unlock the therapeutic secrets of maca and the results are exciting. From stress, to fatigue to mental health management. We want to preserve and protect this history and medicine and ensure it has an ethical and sustainable future” – Jacqueline Sally Huapaya, Co- founder of Seleno Health

To support Seleno Health’s vision, visit Proceeds will go towards starting infrastructure projects, providing supplies and utilities for the local school, funding a volunteer project to bring eco-tourists to the farm to assist in various projects while learning about Incan culture, and more.

Seleno Health stands for healthy lifestyles alongside social responsibility. “We want New Zealanders and the rest of the world to stand against farmer exploitation and help us improve the quality of life for people in small farming communities,” says Storkey.

For more information, take a look at this short documentary on YouTube or check out Seleno Health’s website at They will be running a nation-wide series of workshops during September and October at various locations around New Zealand educating Kiwis about the realities of the superfood market.

Media Release on 3 November 2017 by Seleno Health

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