Worlds Toughest Portable Audio Brand Coming To NZ

( Soundcast launched in 2006, with a revolutionary portable outdoor speaker called the Outcast. Outcast was special for a number of reasons: it sounded amazing with high power amplification and high quality speakers; it was built tough to withstand the rigours or outdoor use, whether by the pool or the BBQ, on the boat, at the beach or the park, in the snow, rain or shine, any season, anywhere. Subsequently the range built a cult-like following among customers, a quick web search brings up an array of fan pages and videos, from those reviewing the astounding sound quality to a handful testing the extreme durability, we’re talking car-wash tests, drop tests, one user even setting his Outcast on fire, and the music kept playing.

“Ten years on and we’re launching an exciting new range of tough Soundcast models for New Zealand’s summer season,” says Mark Coory, Managing Director at Capisco. “New Zealand is a sport and outdoor adventure playground, and the Soundcast range offers the ability to take quality music with you anywhere you go. The entire Soundcast range is battery powered, meaning we can offer a completely wireless experience to users, with rechargable speakers designed to play all day long and with additional conveniences like stereo pairing of two speakers from a single Bluetooth source. Sonically these feature the highest quality internal components, and include support for latest wireless connectivity like apt-X and high definition over Bluetooth. These are definitely the toughest and best sounding portable speakers we’ve ever heard.”

The new Soundcast range goes on sale in December, RRP’s starting at $299 for the VG1 model up to $1499 for the Outcast replacement, model VG7.

Media Release on 10 November 2017 by Capisco Limited

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