Subdivide Simplified helps Aucklanders navigate the subdivision process

( The world on subdividing and property development has often been perceived as reserved for big time players with big budgets and large construction teams.

As property prices have risen in Auckland over the past five years and with many Aucklanders owning relatively large sections, we have begun to see a rise in popularity in first-time developers.

This has led Auckland local, Troy Patchett to launch his new venture, Subdivide Simplified, an end-to-end service which guides first timers through the often murky waters of Auckland subdivision.

“A lot of people who come to me may have owned their property for decades and don’t really know what their options are”, explains Patchett.

“Through our initial consultation and on-site inspection, we then present a range of options based on what the client wishes to get out of the project and then present a range of subdivision (and other) option which suits their needs the best”.

Patchett has over two decades experience in the property development sector, experience which allows him to avoid any potential pitfalls and guide people through an often convoluted process.

“What many people under estimate is the sheer number of people involved in the subdivide and build process. Coordinating all parties and making sure people have the right reports at the right time are a couple of the most common things which catch first time developers out”.

While Patchett acknowledges that Subdivide Simplified is by no means the first of its kind, he does believe that he offers a unique take on the service.

“We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to development, rather we assess the clients expectations and discuss just what they are looking to get out of their development. This may not necessarily be a solution which pushes for their properties maximum potential”.

“In fact, we may not even necessarily push for a properties maximum subdivision potential. Rather, we sit down with our clients, gauging their expectations and form a solution from there”.

Subdivide Simplified are currently offering free on-site inspection which can be booked via their website.

Media Release on 17 September 2018

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