Property Minder provides one-click commercial property maintenance and repair services via mobile app

( From today commercial property managers will be able get immediate help with a wide range of services using a new free mobile app, Property Minder.

Developed by FBL (Franchise Businesses Limited), owners of Green Acres and Hire a Hubby, Property Minder offers immediate access to seven property services on a one touch screen. Services on tap include security, property maintenance, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, car valet and lawn mowing. And, if that doesn’t get the job done, there’s a direct connection to the company’s 0800 number so callers can get further advice.

The plumbing and electrical services will be carried out by registered tradespeople under contract with FBL. The security service – largely installation and monitoring of alarms – will be provided through a partnership with New Zealand’s largest electronic security provider ADT Security.

The initial targets for the app-based service include existing commercial and corporate clients of Green Acres and Hire a Hubby who have properties in multiple locations.

“We designed it for corporate customers who manage large retail and commercial property portfolios and want ready access to services nationwide from trusted suppliers, and they don’t want to mess around,” says Logan Sears, CEO of FBL. “They want their business managers to get on with the job of running the business and have one number to call for repairs and maintenance.

FBL was able to meets some of its clients requirements – like building repairs – through its Hire a Hubby network and others –like commercial cleaning, garden care, lawn mowing, and car valet – through the Green Acres network.

“We realised that if we were to offer them a comprehensive service there were other critical services that we needed to be able to provide, things like plumbing, electrical and security services,” says Logan. “So we set about building relationships with people who could fill the gaps in our capabilities, specialist contractors and people like ADT Security, who provide electronic security solutions and alarm monitoring services.

FBL then took the next step and provided one-click access to all these services by developing a mobile app. Now, from a single simple screen clients have access to a wide range of scheduled, on-demand and emergency services with a guaranteed 10 minute response. That’s a single point of contact nationwide, consolidated billing and the ability to set their own rules on who can request particular services and to what value.

“Customers – particularly corporate customers are looking for an integrated approach to property management and security,” says Mike Baird, Marketing Manager for ADT’s parent, Tyco Integrated Fire and Security. “ADT Security can meet all the monitoring and security requirements for a wide range of situations and, by partnering with FBL, we complement one another. Their track record and expertise makes them an excellent fit. And Property Minder is the glue that brings it all together in a mobile app.”

The app allows up to one hundred people to register on a single business account. Each person will get a call to confirm their registration details. Once that’s done they’ll be able to open the app and access a single screen menu of services. From then on, getting help with property maintenance is just one touch away.

“If a property manager needs a leak plugged, a light replaced, a window repaired or an alarm serviced all they have to do is open the app and select the service they want with a single touch,” says Logan. “We’ll respond by phone within 10 minutes, capture their details and dispatch a person to get the job done.

“They’ll get prompt and quality service from a qualified, security-checked person. We’ll ensure that all the requirements of the Building Code are fully complied with, all inspections are completed and all work is signed off. And at the end they will receive a single consolidated itemised bill.”

Property Minder makes it very simple for property managers to quickly solve a wide range of problems, keeping buildings clean, safe and sound – and tenants and business managers happy.

Property Minder can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play For more information visit

Media Release on 18 February 2016 by Franchise Businesses Ltd

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