New Cycleway “Lightpath” Open to Auckland Cyclists

( In early December of last year, the Nelson Street cycleway—or Te Ara I Whiti (The Lightpath)—was opened to Auckland’s cyclists and pedestrians.

The colourful magenta path, lined by pillars of dynamic and interactive LED light, has drawn much attention from both news outlets and social media users alike – with the hashtag search #lightpathakl on Instagram revealing selfies and stunning views from the passageway.

New Zealand lighting company, Bright Light, played a role in the creation of the cycleway, providing both coloured LED lighting strips and assisting in the construction for the large, LED light pillars.

The dynamic lighting effects used throughout the cycleway are created with the use of DMX (Digital Multiplex), allowing each light pillar to be individually controlled and the Lightpath as a whole to have the ability to be treated as an art installation.

Motion sensors have also been installed on the Lightpath, detecting the movement of pedestrians and illuminating their way. The use of both DMX and motion sensors means that power consumption is greatly reduced when the pathway is not in use.

Media Release on 18 February by Bright Light

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