New Property Management Company Rewards Clients

( Today sees the launch of a new local business, Complete Property Management (CPM) delivering a new approach and vision to property management that focuses on value added services and creating wealth for their clients. The launch of the business is coupled with a unique offer. Simply sign up your property with CPM and receive $500 cash, that simple. Obviously terms and conditions apply, but owners Aileen Pennington and Sarah Harper are confident in their company and its unique offerings. This offer is for a limited time. To ensure that you don’t miss out, it is suggested that you visit the website

Drawing from experience from being property managers, private landlords, and tenants Sarah and Aileen have a good understanding of where there are some gaps in the industry. So they decided to fill those gaps and start their own property management company that focuses on doing it right.

“How do we know what the right way is? Simple… don’t put the property owners in boxes, their needs and wants are all different and the type of service they receive should match those differences. Our purpose is to get a good return on property owners investment with minimal cost ultimately increasing the value of their investment”.

Rather than following the path of other property management companies and delivering a “one-size-fits-all” model, the decision was made to invest in custom-built web applications and property management software capable of providing custom solution for clients. “As this is the philosophy of the business, delivering a custom solution was the central focus.” Aileen stated. The software enables all of our clients to have their online web portal access to view their payments, history, property reports and maintenance reports. They are able to submit their property online.

We make it easy for our clients by offering free rental appraisals and making the change from other property management companies easy and stress free. “It’s not all about the property owners either. We deliver an exceptional service to our tenants. One of the unique features of the new website is a matching service, whereby potential tenants can enter their information and housing preferences. The system will automatically inform them on suitable properties as soon as they are listed on the website” stated Sarah.

Complete Property Management is a thriving company that creates successful partnerships with its clients through trust, quality and confidence. The fee structure is like no other agency in that the more your investment is worth, the lower the rate of fees (as it should be). Furthermore, “developing relationships with national financing brands will enable CPM to deliver unprecedented discounts on finance and insurance, exclusively available to our clients.”

For your opportunity to be rewarded with $500, sign up your property with Complete Property Management, while experiencing a level of service and bespoke solutions that not only make your life easier, but deliver greater profits.

Media Release on 20 August 2015 by Complete Property Management

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