Connecting Business and Customer in Many Aspects

( With PropertyOnly NZ launching its newly designed website, it aims to offer the premier fully-featured platform for the New Zealand real estate industry. The layout was specifically designed with customer satisfaction in mind, making for a clearly calculated website that manages to combine functionality and ease-of-use.

A PropertyOnly NZ representative revealed that the new website was in place to make it easier than ever for agents and business owners to contact prospective clients. “The truth is that we have very clear goals in mind. We are not actively seeking out one demographic; we want to make it easier than ever before to contact people. If you are looking online, we want you to have one single stop on the web where you can find everything that you might need”.

An inclusive experience
The website does not merely offer a place to advertise properties or show listed flatmate wanted ads, it also offers a place where customers and prospective clients are able to interact with one another. PropertyOnly NZ aims to facilitate this open discourse by offering an opportunity to blog and it offers a forum where people can express their opinions.

A PropertyOnly NZ representative said, “Far too often do we see that there is a disconnect between what is on offer and actual information. We know that many agents or business owners have something interesting to share, are able to provide information to potential buyers or renters. We felt it made no sense to have this separate from the actual properties that they offer. If they want to offer a blog on how to invest in property, how to buy property, or how to manage a rental property, we give them a chance to do that. As long as it is interesting for their readers.”

This offers agents and business owners a chance to keep all their information in the same area. This again emphasises the fact that PropertyOnly NZ aims to be the one-stop location for New Zealand’s real estate industry.

The forum
A forum allows users from all across New Zealand to ask questions and share experiences with one another. This is another area where PropertyOnly NZ believes many agents and business owners are missing the opportunity to connect with their audience.

According to a PropertyOnly NZ representative, “The forum is about being able to offer clients answers. This is not about immediately making the sale, it is about being of service to people who need it. By answering questions and providing good information, we believe that clients are able to increase their exposure. This is the new way that people are renting or buying, they do not just want a good price, clients expect inclusive information and want to know that you are going to be there for them.”

The business directory area
Building on that previous statement, PropertyOnly NZ realises that property hunters are looking for more than the finest deal. They want to be able to connect with a business before they work together. This allows them to identify with the business model of that particular commercial enterprise.

The focus on mobile
Finally, the newly launched website places specific emphasis on offering mobile device supporting features. Given that more and more people are using their smartphone devices to look up information online, it should come as no surprise that PropertyOnly NZ focuses on this area as well.

“We know that people are not actively sitting at home behind their desktop, waiting to find the best possible property. We are aware that people are browsing our listings when they are waiting to check out at the register, when they are in the doctor’s office, if they are waiting for a friend who is five minutes late to lunch. This is exactly why we feel it is more important that our website not only offers mobile content, but also offers features that specifically cater to those users.”

Try the site out yourselves. You will not get disappointed. All the blog posts, business directory listings and property listings at are free at the moment.

Media Release on 3 August 2015 by PropertyOnly NZ

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