Denny’s Restaurant Serving Up High-Quality Food Using Smart Monitoring Technology

( Auckland, NZ: Denny’s Restaurant, a premier family restaurant with five branches in Auckland, announced that they have successfully completed a trial of using Smart Monitoring Technology for ensuring the quality of refrigerated food storage. The restaurant can now monitor the temperature of freezers and cool rooms at all of its restaurants remotely, anytime without needing to visit the location. It also automatically alerts them in case of any changes in temperature so that they can react quickly before any items are affected. Furthermore, the system now provides them a platform to look at trends to detect issues early, reduce waste and identify areas of saving such as power usage and more than 30 other aspects.”

Denny’s Restaurant Regional Manager, NZ, Anirudh Krishna said, “We have a strong focus on offering quality food to our customers. This initiative is yet another demonstration of our commitment to using technology to control and manage proactively all aspects that affect the quality of food. Using Smart Monitoring technology, we have the information to take action and prevent issues that can affect the quality of food and cause food wastage. It also alerts our refrigeration system partner KoolMakers so they can act on it in time. This capability reduces our management overhead, allowing us to focus more on our core business of providing great food to our customers, rather than worrying about the systems.”

The Smart Monitoring Technology is provided by KoolMakers, a leading refrigeration and air conditioning company in Auckland with technology partnership with Senapps Technologies, a Smart Monitoring technology company.

KoolMakers Director Deon Bose said, “Maintaining the right temperature is critical for the food industry to maintain a high quality. Any fluctuations, drop or issue with small components such as thermostat can affect the contents. With Smart Monitoring technology, we can now accurately measure and view what is happening at any time. This capability reduces our time to react to issues. More importantly, we can now see the trend over time, helps us to detect issues early and also create maintenance plans to avoid issues altogether. “

Deon explains, “We are always on the look-out for innovations that help our customers manage their environment better and take the lead to bring these innovations to the market. The technology utilises the latest wireless sensors and analytics to provide all information on one screen. The service is fully cloud-based which means that Denny’s do not need any IT servers or computers to run the system. Being wireless it is easy to install and has minimal changes to the site installations.”

Denny’s will now roll out the technology to all five restaurants in Auckland. With Smart Monitoring technology, Denny’s Restaurant has now taken the lead in New Zealand food industry in using the new technology platform. The platform will help Denny’s Restaurant to manage more areas of the restaurant in the future such as environment quality, occupancy, to energy efficiency.

About Denny’s Restaurant:
Denny’s is a leading family restaurant in New Zealand open 24 hours a day. Denny’s opened its doors in New Zealand in 1988 in Manukau City. Denny’s endeavour to provide courteous and attentive service, quality food products, and a clean environment, in any of their warm and friendly family restaurants. Today there are currently seven stores in New Zealand situated in Highland Park, Manukau City, Wairau Park, Auckland City and New Lynn in Auckland; Christchurch and Porirua, all owned by Rappongi Excursions Ltd.

About KookMakers:
KoolMakers as a company has almost 22 years’ experience in the design, selection and project management of air-conditioning systems, ranging from entry level Heatpump single split systems to the energy efficient R410a Variable Refrigerant Volume (Multi-Zone) systems. KoolMakers provides the latest design and air-conditioning technology to satisfy your comfort level requirements. They specialise in the design, supply, installation, service and repair of all types of air-conditioning, Refrigeration and ventilation systems. The refrigeration services extend to include walk-in cold/freezer rooms and wine cellars.

KoolMakers have business partnerships with the suppliers of all leading brands of air-conditioners and Ventilation equipment (such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Electric), and are therefore equipped to offer quality solutions, excellent service and exceptional after sales backup to clients. For more information, visit

About Senapps Technologies
Senapps Technologies is a Smart Monitoring services company providing innovative solutions that helps businesses to monitor and get better insights into their business. The service collects data from various sensors and devices and then use analytics to understand the trends, patterns and anomalies. These insights help customers in making better and timely decisions that can improve efficiencies, streamline operations, improve customer experiences and launch innovative products and services.

The company provides a fully integrated service from sensors, sensor network to analytics so that customers can focus on using the information and not managing the monitoring infrastructure. For more information, visit

Media Release on 28 July 2015 by Senapps Technologies

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