Initial Stats From Cabchooze App: Taxi Driver And Passenger Conduct Rated

( Statistics offering an insight into the reliability and conduct of hundreds of Auckland taxi drivers – as well as the behaviour and demographics of their passengers – are becoming available for the first time, thanks to detailed analytic data captured by new mobile taxi app, Cabchooze.

Analysis of information collated from the app’s first 30 days since its Beta launch operation indicates the great majority of taxi rides are smooth ones, with three quarters of participating Cabchooze drivers receiving either a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ feedback rating from passengers.

On the other side of the ‘glass divide,’ just under half of passengers were considered by drivers to be ‘excellent’ customers. Only 6 % behaved in a way the driver deemed to be ‘poor’ or ‘unsatisfactory’.


– 96 % of drivers were rated either ‘fair’ ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ by passengers
– 94 % of users were rated ‘fair’ ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ by the drivers
– 1% of users were deemed ‘unsatisfactory’ customers by drivers.
– 58 % of Cabchooze users were male
– 90 % of Cabchooze users were aged 18-45

Hinging on its ability to offer smart phone users in need of a cab a choice of nearby available drivers, app director BK Sharma says Cabchooze is beginning to transform the taxi industry in New Zealand.

‘We are tapping into the wants and desires of the millennial generation who love to play with new tech, relish full control of a situation, and prefer as many options to choose from as possible when it comes to spending their hard-earned dollars.’

Making feedback about drivers – and passengers – public knowledge encouraged safer taxi journeys. Access to cabchooze app to driver or passenger with too many low ratings or misuse would be deactivated, Sharma says.

A newer, better version of the app would be released soon. This includes option for the user to enter specific instructions, if any, which assists in Taxi driver identifying the user conveniently. ‘Our IT team is ironing some bugs in the Beta version analytics and empowering a few more logistics before releasing its full launch,’ he says.

App co-founder Arjun Sharma reports those Taxi users are excited with this new innovative technology introduced. To date over 3000 smart phone user clients have registered as Cabchooze passengers; 59% are iPhone or iPad users, while 41% are Android users, and response is encouraging.
Nine out of ten passengers were aged between 18 and 45, in line with our initial market survey and general demographics surrounding the use of new smart phone and tablet technology.

‘Today’s consumer is driven towards a product which is easy, has no strings attached, offers them many options to choose from, knowing the price before they buy – and works well,’ he says.

He adds that more than 500 licensed drivers in Auckland have so far registered interest in becoming part of the Cabchooze network. Taxi owners from outside Auckland have also started showing interest and it is hoped the app will be rolled out across other centres in time.


Users simply enter their location and destination into a search engine and within a couple of minutes, the prices and proximity
of nearby licenced cabs – as well as the driver’s ‘rating’ are sent directly to their phone, allowing the user to select the ‘bid’ of the cabbie they desire.

Passengers are able to track the cab’s progress on a map as it makes its way to the pick-up location, and, in the same manner, follow the driver’s route all the way to the specified destination. If the metered price of the journey turned out to be lower than the original ‘bid’ sent by the driver, the passenger is only obligated to pay the lesser amount.


– New Zealand’s first taxi hailing app, Cabchooze is free for smart phone and tablet users to download.

– On its full launch which is expected before Christmas, Cabchooze plans to promote free rides and cool prizes for
Aucklander’s during that time.

-It is Free for Drivers on Fares less than $10 and a nominal flat fee of $1.99 per ride is charged on higher fares.

– Users and Drivers rate each other and their rating is displayed in the app.

– Cabchooze has trained over 160 Drivers and has provided them with smartphones. Recruitment of more Drivers is ongoing.

– Cabchooze is 100% NZ owned and operated brand developed by Auckland’s Youchooze IT Ltd.

Media Release on 24 August 2013 by Youchooze IT Ltd.

Media Contact:
BK.Sharma, Youchooze IT Ltd.
Phone: 021 725 059