Environmentally Friendly Hotel in the Heart of Auckland

(PR.co.nz) New Zealand is a beautiful country and we should keep it that way. If you plan on being one of the many tourists to this country, we recommend that you stay in an environmentally friendly hotel. There are a few such hotels located in the heart of Auckland City, and none of them match the quality and value of City Lodge.

City Lodge Auckland City Hotel understands the impact they can have on the environment and strives to make sure their daily practices help maintain the environment for future generations. From energy efficiency to waste management, you can be comfortable in the fact City Lodge does it’s best to stay Green.

Some of their enviro friendly practices include:
– Glass and Cups are provided instead of plastic or cardboard cups
– Recycling is prompted by informing guest that recycling bins are available in the kitchen and back parking lot for paper, glass, plastic and cardboard
– Use biodegradable rubbish bags
– Use biodegradable dish washing soap
– City Lodge Brochures are printed on recycled paper
– Replace washing and drying machines for energy efficient ones (Energy Star Rated)
– Recognize guests contribution to the environment by providing free parking for guests with hybrid vehicles
– Provide guest with information relating to different volunteer projects that they can take part in
– Plant native plants with signage displaying the plants name
– Place a donation box at reception that will go towards a different conservation and community project in the area every month

City Lodge is a 5 star rated backpacker/budget hotel, so even those without a massive holiday budget can afford one of City Lodge’s rooms.

Visit http://www.citylodge.co.nz/ to make an online booking. For more information you can visit their rooms page at http://www.citylodge.co.nz/rooms/. Auckland backpackers can check out http://www.citylodge.co.nz/backpackers/ to find out why City Lodge is the hotel to choose.

Media Release on 26 August 2013 by City Lodge

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