Hotels for Sale and selling yours as demand grows

( If you’re thinking of selling your hotel soon then the changing market should serve you well. With international visitor arrivals forecast to keep growing over the next six years, it is a great time for someone to move into the industry as pressure mounts on New Zealand accommodation. Chinese numbers are expected to swell, and to provide a multibillion-dollar contribution to the economy. Spending by overseas tourists is forecast to grow by 18 per cent to $6.5 billion in 2019, says a NZ Government report.

So with better occupancy rates, improved profits and trending higher demands on hotels, it’s an attractive time to buy into the accommodation sector, and it could be the right time to list your Hotel for Sale.

“While some hotels do take time to sell, there are others that move quickly. A lot of factors come into the mix when buying and selling Hotels including location, price, condition and profitability” says Richard O’Brien from Hotels for Sale NZ website

“With Hotels for Sale Rotorua to Otago and across New Zealand ranging from leases for a few hundred thousand, to the entire business and freehold for several million, there’s a wide range of opportunities available for buyers. The key thing is to make your Hotel opportunity as attractive as possible to the buyer, investor, bank and accountant.” Says O’Brien

Here are 5 tips to help you in preparing your Hotel for Sale:

– How is it looking? make sure it looks sharp, get your maintenance up to date.

– Cashflow – ensure it shows good and healthy cashflow, accounts and occupancy.

– Systems and processes – ensure they are efficient, working well and fully documented for ease of transfer to the new owners.

– Documentation – ensure all leases, licenses and contracts are current and in place.

– The future – is it bright? Do you have a competitive advantage and a good reputation?

Selling your hotel will be one of the most important things you’ll do – you get one chance to get it right, so plan your sale carefully using professionals where necessary. With greater demand on hotel accommodation, the future and profitability of your hotel may now be ripe for getting the sale you want. For more information on listing hotels for sale visit

Media Release on 26 November 2013 by NZBizBuySell

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