Commercial Businesses for Sale – They’re Selling Fast

( With the Commercial property market on the rebound, now could be a good time for finding that Commercial Business for Sale opportunity.

The value of commercial property sales increased sharply in the first half of the 2013 year; according to property services company Jones Lang LaSalle. The total value of commercial sales (which includes office, retail and industrial properties) in the six months to June 2013 was $1.07 billion, compared with $1.47b over the whole of 2012. The Auckland Commercial Property market was the most active accounting for 82 per cent of transactions by volume.

Commercial Property remains a favoured form of investment providing some of the best ROI when looking at Property. Commercial businesses for sale cover any occupation of a structure or building specifically used for any retail trade, office, professional, entertainment, industrial or similar purposes. While each is different, there are some key points to consider when buying a Commercial Business:

  • Location. This is number 1, just as true for commercial properties as it is for residential properties
  • The Building’s condition. Is it in a good state of repair, and does it comply with the necessary seismic and building use codes and standards?
  • Is it Tenanted? If you’re moving in yourself, fine, but with some properties it can take time to find the right tenant. Does the building have quality tenant and lease in place?
  • Return on Investment (ROI). How does it stack up? Compare your options
  • Allowable uses. Does the zoning and design suit your or your potential tenants needs, be it for your business or as an investment?
  • Restrictions on changes. Whether due to zoning, building codes or covenants, there may be limits to internal and external alterations you can make to the property
  • Access and parking. Make sure your customers can park, and take into consideration whether access is compliant with laws around disability access etc
  • Expansion or leasing options. Has it the potential to expand? This could be an upside – if you don’t need all the space, can you sub-lease out the extra space?

Take a look close at what’s happening in the area, is it growing? What about the local income levels of the businesses? If it is close to large employment centers, properties will usually sell quicker and for more. Talk to a good tax expert before you buy any property. Work with an accountant and lawyer that are conversant with Commercial Property in structuring your offer.

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