More Kiwis are looking for ways to save money

( For many Kiwis, the opportunity to make that extra bit of money couldn’t come too soon. According to the Food Prices Index for 2013, food rose at 2.1% between May and June and fruit and vegetable prices rose to a tremendous 13%. Although most people aren’t earning any more than they were last year, the average household budget is dwindling fast.

With the added expense of driving into town to shop (with petrol prices sky-rocketing throughout July) and the frustration of having to fight the throng of customers at the local department store, half of the population is now shopping online and a large proportion of those consumers go on to buy discounted or second-hand products from retail websites.

The trend to save money by surfing the web has become so popular that New Zealand owned cyber-retail company Trade Me went on to sell for a whopping $700 million dollars and many businesses are now vying for the attention of New Zealand consumers to stay ahead of the game.

Consumer is King
With the spotlight shining brightly on the average New Zealand consumer, it is not a surprise that the majority of large retail businesses have employed market research companies to survey consumers on their unique spending habits.

Many of these market research companies offer New Zealanders the chance to answer questions about their consumer habits in return for a variety of monetary prizes or food and retail vouchers.

Although Survey Compare doesn’t directly offer money to consumers, it gives savvy budget-conscious Kiwis the chance to analyse the most reputable market research opportunities and pick and choose which survey companies they want to become involved with. Many of which offer vouchers and giveaways from big New Zealand retail companies including Farmers, Mitre 10, Barkers and PaperPlus.

According to Agnese Geka, Digital Marketing Manager for MVF Global; Survey Compare utilises a peer-review system that gives New Zealanders the chance to see what other Survey takers say about each company. “Survey Compare is the first website in New Zealand to allow people to compare different money making opportunities all at the same place”.

Making it work on a shoestring budget
For those who want advice on how to save or make money, Survey Compare also offers budgeting advice from some of the world’s top financial bloggers. “I really enjoy reading tips on how to save money and have already cooked some delicious budget-conscious meals that I have found on Survey Compare,” says one happy customer.

From advice on how to stay warm during the winter on a budget to how to make money from home, the bloggers on Survey Compare are here to help New Zealanders improve their spending habits and enjoy the rewards that come from employing sound budgeting techniques and stretching that dollar a little bit further.

Media Release on 24 August 2013 by Survey Compare