Subdivide Simplified Unveils New House Plans for Auckland Developers

Subdivide Simplified has launched a range of new house plans. This new suite includes standalone, duplex, and townhouse plans, catering to a variety of section sizes and developer needs in Auckland’s competitive property market.

The new plans, currently available on Subdivide Simplified’s website, include two, three and four bedroom options in an array of home types. Additionally, the company offer house plans suitable for a range of different property contours.

Company Director, Troy Patchett, commented, “Our latest offerings are the result of extensive market research and our commitment to meeting the evolving demands of Auckland’s property development sector. We understand the intricacies of the consents process and are poised to offer house plans that not only promise ease of execution but also ensure quality and efficiency.”

With a portfolio built on over 500 successful subdivide and build projects, Subdivide Simplified leverages its experience and relationships with local suppliers to create a smooth consent process.

“We’re excited to bring to market these house plans, which reflect our holistic approach to addressing the diverse needs of modern urban development. From compact townhouses to spacious standalone homes, our designs are built to adapt to various land sizes, maximising both form and function”.

To view Subdivide Simplified’s full range of house plans, visit their website

Media Release on 11 April 2024

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