Glimp Now Offering New Comparison Service

( Glimp was founded back in 2016, after there was a big demand in the market from New Zealanders wanting to be able to compare everyday household utilities such as power, internet and insurances. With so many Kiwis successfully using Glimp to switch and save, they have now expanded their services to include credit card comparison.

After becoming aware of the need in the market for unbiased pricing information between New Zealand providers, co-founders Denis Tyur’kov and Michael Speight launched Glimp. “It’s been two years since we launched the Glimp, and since then there’s been hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who have used the website to switch and save.” says Tyur’kov. “Thousands of users found better deals through our online comparison tool, meaning they were able to save on their everyday bills.”

“Being able to help everyday Kiwis switch and save has been extremely satisfying.” adds Speight. “We’ve had all types of users benefit from our services – students, parents, retirees… it’s been great to make them aware of how much they could be saving each year. I think users really appreciate unbiased price comparisons, instead of being pushed towards signing up with a certain company.”

The Glimp online comparison tool allows users to compare all the best credit card options in New Zealand. After answering a few simple questions, you’ll be presented with credit card panels that are ordered by interest rate on purchases. Along with that, you’ll get to see the benefits and additional rewards each credit card company has to offer.

Glimp provides a range of online price comparisons, including internet, electricity, insurance and mortgages. You can use Glimp completely free of charge, and search for the best providers and prices throughout New Zealand.

Media Release 25 June 2018.