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Gymcost – Check Gym Membership Prices

( How much are you paying for your gym membership? Do you think your gym is charging you a reasonable price to achieve your health and fitness goals? How does your weekly fee compare to the next person or the next gym?

Well, if you are living in Wellington, then the bad news for you is you are probably paying more for your gym membership than any other place in the country. The average cost for a 12 month gym membership in Wellington is $21.60 per week. This is significantly higher than second placed Auckland at $19.96 per week or the Otago Region at $19.56.

The Auckland region however exhibits a broad range of membership pricing. Further investigation shows that central Auckland is right up there with Wellington pricing at $21.59 per week for a 12 month deal. The overall pricing is skewed somewhat by lower membership pricing in the South of the city – South Auckland’s average price is $18.19 per week.

Gym goers in Manawatu are probably some of the happiest in the country as they experience the cheapest membership prices in New Zealand with the low average price of just $14.88 per week for a typical 12 month membership. Northland is slightly higher but still an affordable $15.27 and Taranaki rounds out the bottom 3 with a reasonably priced $15.53 a week.

Are you paying too much at your local gym? is a brand new website designed to help you find the right gym for your budget. details gym membership pricing for the majority of gyms throughout New Zealand so you can compare your current membership, or simply find a fitness centre in your local area if you are looking to get in shape.

Media Release 26 February 2011.



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