Help For Thousands of New Zealanders Suffering in Silence

( An Australian woman is hoping to combat predictions that one in four New Zealanders will suffer from some form of incontinence by 2030.

Renowned physiotherapist and exercise instructor Michelle Kenway says statistics show that in just 18 years’ time, as our population ages, 25 percent of New Zealanders over the age of 15 will have some form of incontinence.

Already it’s estimated that currently 600,000 Kiwis suffer from urinary or bowel incontinence, or both, and many are doing so needlessly.

Kenway, the author of Inside Out – the essential women’s guide to pelvic floor support, has created a companion DVD titled Inside Out Strength, which aims to help women safely and effectively strengthen and tone their pelvic floor and their whole body.

The pelvic floor physiotherapist, who has helped thousands of women suffering from bowel and bladder issues throughout her career, says many people don’t realise that incontinence can be prevented or cured, and her new DVD aims to help those to help themselves.

“It’s shocking to think that in less than two decades, one in four New Zealanders will needlessly be suffering from some kind of bowel or bladder related incontinence. As a result many women needlessly cease general exercise and this can have far reaching consequences on long-term physical and emotional health,” says Kenway.

“Not only does that equate to a massive burden on the country in terms of health costs, lost productivity, care and other direct costs, but it’s a huge cost mentally on sufferers as well. And it’s sad to think that in many cases, it can be prevented and cured.”

Kenway’s DVD shows women how to exercise their pelvic floor as well as strengthening and toning their whole body.

She says it’s important that women learn to exercise their pelvic floor as part of a holistic approach to management. Physical strength, body weight management and pelvic floor problems go hand in hand. When a woman can improve her strength and manage her body weight she can better manage and alleviate pelvic floor problems long-term.

“Inside Out Strength is ideal for women who want the expertise of a health professional about pelvic floor safe strength exercises and the knowledge to structure a pelvic floor safe workout,” says Kenway.

The DVD includes demonstrations and carefully explained techniques so that even a complete novice to pelvic floor exercise can effectively structure a safe strength workout, as well as modifications to help those just starting out and building up to a more advanced level.

Inside Out Strength is ideal for all women, particularly those who suffer from pelvic organ prolapse or previous pelvic prolapse surgery, previous hysterectomy surgery, peri or post-menopausal status or childbirth-related pelvic floor dysfunction.

For more information, or to order a copy of Inside Out Strength (RRP $32.30), or a copy of Inside Out (RRP $24.95), visit

Media Release 5 March 2012.