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Helping Dunedin Retailers Make the Most of Rugby World Cup

( The Dunedin City Council and Otago Chamber of Commerce are sending every city retailer information to help them make the most of the influx of Rugby fans arriving in 100 days.

Information on the numbers and types of national and international visitors, Dunedin’s matches and how to capitalise on both has been included in a retailers’ guide.

The guides are to be delivered to every retailer later this week, to assist with their staff planning and preparation.

Dunedin City Councillor and local retailer John Bezett says everyone, from tourism operators to retailers and even locals stopped on the street, needs to put their best foot forward to ensure all visitors to the city have a wonderful experience.

“Word of mouth is vital to ensuring this increase in visitors isn’t a one-off thing, but that they go back home and tell their friends, who then want to come.”

Retailers of every sort have a huge role to play in that, by making even the simplest transaction a good one.

The guide includes some basic phrases in the languages of the teams that are coming – Argentina, Romania, Georgia, Italy and even Gaelic for Ireland supporters, and some facts and figures about rugby in each country, so retailers can strike up a knowledgeable conversation.

Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive John Christie hopes retailers will not only brief all their staff using the guide, but also make a special effort during the Tournament by, for example, decorating their shops or holding special promotions.

All retailers will have to abide by the Major Events Management Act (MEMA) and not use the Rugby World Cup name or logo in promotions unless authorised.

This Wednesday, 1 June, marks 100 days to go until the kick-off of Rugby World Cup 2011.

Media Release 30 May 2011 from Dunedin City Council.



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