High Time to Sell the Gold: Gold Smart Now Offers Instant Cash for Old, Broken and Damaged Jewellery

(PR.co.nz) In the current challenging economic climate, the price of precious metals has reached all-time highs, after years of steady increases. It is at such moments that people decide to cash in their broken, little used or unwanted jewellery for instant cash to pay the bills, taking advantage of the newly-introduced Instant Cash for Gold service at Gold Smart, one of New Zealand’s most trusted gold buyer.

“If you’re leaving your jewellery to sit in the depths of some drawer with no intention of ever wearing it again, you’re losing money”, says Marketing Director of Gold Smart. “Customers could greatly benefit from focusing on turning useless items into value, and apply the cash towards urgent expenses”.

Scrapping gold for instant cash is, according to Gold Smart, an appealing option for those who are planning to get rid of the old, ugly or broken jewellery that has been accumulating over the years. Selling broken jewellery at Gold Smart will provide customers with an additional source of money that can ease the financial burdens they currently struggle with, including unforeseen expenses, bills and new purchases. Furthermore, people who have been affected by recent job loss will soon discover that
the option to sell gold jewellery can turn into a reliable source of fast cash to cover for the essential living needs.

Gold Smart also assures sellers they are getting the best value for their gold, considering the highly competitive market, by offering The Gold Smart Guarantee and 100% discreet and hassle-free service. The simple selling process and fast transactions have established Gold Smart as one of the most reputable gold buyers NZ has: “I am happy to recommend Gold Smart, the service I received was extremely efficient and professional. Gold Smart definitely delivers on their website value guarantee of discretion, personal service, fast payment, no pressure, no hidden costs and fair prices.” – Tanya.
For more information on how to get the best deal for scrap gold, please visit www.goldsmart.co.nz.

Media Release on 13 December 2012 by Gold Smart

About Gold Smart
Gold Smart has been established as a reputable and viable gold buyer accredited by local and national authorities and popular among gold owners. The company purchases any variety of gold, gold bullion, coins, silver and platinum, providing top prices on the gold spot market value at the time of the sell. All Gold Smart services are transparent and comprehensive, helping clients make an educated decision and get the best value for their jewellery.

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