Hunting Permits Now On-Line

( Hunters can now go on-line at any time from any computer and apply for a hunting permit on conservation land anywhere in the country, says Minister of Conservation Kate Wilkinson.

The Department of Conservation’s (DOC) National (on-line) Hunting Permit System is now up and running, simplifying the application process and ensuring hunters have access to all the relevant information they need.

“Hunters will be pleased to see these changes,” says Ms Wilkinson.

“The new system clarifies the process and brings consistency between conservancies, allowing one permit to be issued for multiple areas in the country.”

The permit is emailed out to the applicant along with updates on track closures and other management activities that may affect hunting in that specific area.

It will also allow DOC to capture information on hunter activities that will help to target infrastructure funding where it is most needed.

“Recommendations from the Wild Animal Control Advisory Committee a couple of years ago advised DOC to streamline applications to make it easy for responsible hunters to get a permit for anywhere in the country from any DOC office, or even the comfort of their own home.

“Updates can be emailed out simultaneously to all relevant hunters in an area, reinforcing safety messages and gathering useful information on hunters’ use of backcountry areas.”

All permits will be valid for four months. A current firearms licence is required to validate a permit to hunt on public conservation lands.

Media Release 17 January 2011 from Kate Wilkinson, Minister of Conservation.