Auckland Council Swimming Pools for Free Study

( The Mayor has launched an investigation into the feasibility of providing free admission to council-owned swimming pools across Auckland.

Currently free admission is only available at seven swimming pools in south Auckland previously operated by the former Manukau City Council.

Normal adult admission charges at other swimming pools range from $3.10 in Papakura to $7.80 in Mt Albert.

The investigation will include a review of the benefits of free swimming pools and subsidised water-safety education programmes.

The study will be complete by the end of March and will provide input for consideration as part of the Long Term Planning process for the 2012/13 financial year.

“Free access to swimming pools is a great gift to our young people, somewhere local to go and have fun, to be active and to get off the streets. Auckland is surrounded by water, and it is critical our kids learn to be safe and confident around it,” says Len Brown.

“I strongly believe in investing in communities, for the health and wellbeing of the people who live in them. And I believe in financial prudence, which is why we are taking a close and careful look at expanding free admission to other parts of Auckland.”

The study is part of the Mayor’s 100 projects in 100 days.

The Mayor has also announced a number of other 100 day initiatives.

Len Brown is committed to establishing an Auckland Sports and Recreation Reference Group, to address the sport and recreation needs of Auckland and its communities.

The group of key stakeholders will engage with the council about sport and recreation projects, provide input to regional planning, including the Spatial Plan, and be a vehicle for collaboration between council, private enterprise and community groups.

Work is underway to define the terms of reference for the group and its composition, and recommendations will be made to the Regional Development and Operations Committee in March.

A Disability Reference Group will also be established. On 1 February, the Mayor will attend a workshop with key stakeholders to discuss liaison between the council and the disabled community, look at issues affecting the community, and the role, purpose and composition of the group.

Media Release 15 January 2011 from Auckland City Council.