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Malford Mall Site Plan Re-Notified

( A private plan change that could see high-density residential developments on the Milford mall site has been re-notified for public submissions today.

First received and notified by the North Shore City Council in 2008 (then inherited by Auckland Council November 2010), the plan change request has since been waiting for applicant Milford Mall Limited to provide the additional information needed to continue the process.

Warren Maclennan, manager of operative plans at Auckland Council, said council has decided to re-notify the plan change rather than proceed directly to a hearing, due to the length of time that has elapsed since the first notification.

“We are re-notifying private plan change 34 for public submissions as this is now the fairest process for all parties,” he said.

Re-notification will commence on 29 September 2011, with the submission period open until 15 November 2011, giving two weeks longer than usual to submit.

All existing submissions (dating back to 2008) are still valid and will be included in the process. New submissions are welcome and those who have already submitted can lodge fresh submissions. Those who have previously lodged a submission will be directly notified, as will residents and ratepayers in the vicinity of the local shopping centre and businesses of Milford.

The request proposes District Plan rules that would provide for resource consent applications for high-density residential developments on various parts of the property owned by Milford Mall Ltd.

The proposed plan change would put in place development rules that would allow for much taller structures (in tower blocks up to 63 metres) than are currently allowed in the Business 2 zone, and up to 235 residential units.

Auckland Council has not determined a position on the plan change at this stage. As a private plan change it has no legal effect until (and only if) it is approved at the very end of the statutory plan change process.

Those who wish to make a submission can also find out more information at the Auckland Council website.

Media Release on 01 October 2011 from Auckland City Council



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