Get Back To Nature with BIOM by ECCO

( Get back to nature this summer season with the new BIOM – Natural Motion range by ECCO – shoes that let you run, walk and train the way nature intended!

Designed with individual foot comfort as the ultimate priority, the new BIOM range takes the fuss out of a sports shoe, leaving you only with what you need – supreme comfort and ease of movement.

Whether you’re a keen runner, an enthusiastic walker, an adventurous hiker or even a skilled golfer, the ECCO BIOM range is designed with your fitness in mind. The innovative range combines advanced technology and shoe design with a true understanding of the way feet are meant to move, letting you run and move the way nature intended.

A worldwide leader in innovative comfort shoes, ECCO’s new range is inspired by the belief that the foot should be able to move as naturally as possible. This movement therefore provides the ultimate experience in comfort and flexibility – whether you are walking, running or training.

ECCO CEO Dieter Kasprzak says the BIOM range aims to create a shoe that makes running as natural as possible, with every detail focused on this purpose.

“The shapes of the shoes are built directly from the anatomy of the foot with no gimmicks added on.”

Each shoe in the ECCO BIOM range is designed to be lightweight and ensure excellent grip and exceptional movement. If you’re a serious competitor, or just enjoy your daily dose of fresh air – this is the shoe for you!

Venture out with ECCO’s BIOM TRAIN, the essence of versatility. Available in a range of on-trend colours to complement your workout gear and suitable for all forms of exercise to give you maximum training results, the new ECCO BIOM TRAIN shoe is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.

Whether you’re breaking a sweat at the gym or in the great outdoors, the TRAIN shoe is constructed to be flexible and twistable, breaking away from the stiff sole construction of your old sneakers and giving your feet the freedom they need. The minimalist support also allows your feet to work out more, building up foot and lower leg muscles, so you’re always working out.

Step up to putt with your own secret weapon: ECCO’s new BIOM GOLF! Decades of ECCO research gives you the first ever natural motion golf shoe with patented technology designed to take advantage of your foot’s natural impact absorption.

The lightweight BIOM GOLF provides you with an exceptionally stable swing platform, with a supple base that frees your foot for a superb follow-through. With this secret advantage you’ll be dominating the golfing green in no time!

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Media Release 3 October 2011.