Impression Real Estate Reports Record Numbers As Auckland Housing Shortage Worsens

( Auckland is the largest city of New Zealand, and it is currently in the middle of a housing crisis. As people flood there for work, there simply aren’t enough places for people to live, ensuring the rental industry stays extremely buoyant. Impression Real Estate is a company on the front lines of this growing crisis, doing everything they can to help renters and buyers find properties as fast as possible and at reasonable prices, to secure their chance of living in Auckland. They are reporting record numbers this season, with even their unique approaches overwhelmed by demand.

The company offers several unique approaches including offering bus tours for individuals to quickly view several available properties in a single journey. They also help people find very specific properties with bespoke search, however even with these novel approaches they have a glut of renters and not enough properties to fulfil the demand.

This represents a golden opportunity for the investors, and Impression helps them to manage their properties and facilitate a great relationship between tenant and landlord. The housing crisis has become so serious that Impression is even publishing rental statistics via live update on their website, so both landlords and prospective tenants can get the latest information as soon as it happens.

A spokesperson for Impression Real Estate explained, “We are currently facing a major accommodation shortage across the city of Auckland. The rental market is red hot at the moment, and we are sadly desperately short of stock. We had 65 individuals turn up to one viewing of a Volt apartment. Our bus tours are overflowing, and we’ve had to turn people away. This scenario is specific to this time of year, however this year it has been more extreme than ever. We urge property owners to contact us as soon as possible because we have tenant’s waiting to rent their property.”

About Impression Real Estate

Established in 1999, Auckland’s Impression Real Estate Ltd manages over 1,750 properties across Auckland. Impression provides value-for-money, stress-free property management. They focus on total quality management, with added-value services that help to make the tenancy process run more smoothly for both tenants and owners. They are winners of the property management company of the year award at the 2014 REINZ awards.

Media Release on 24 April 2015 by Impression Real Estate

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