Kiwi Women Believe Man Flu Alive & Well – Survey

( New Zealand women believe Man Flu is real and say their partners exhibit childlike behaviour when sick, including wanting to be tucked into bed and having their temperature taken, according to a new survey.

The Vicks VapoRub survey – revealed that nearly three quarters (72%) of Kiwi women believe man flu is the term to describe the childlike behaviour men resort to when ill, with only a sixth (16%) saying they don’t believe it exists!

Kiwi women said they were able to tell if their partner was suffering from a cold or flu by their increased moaning and complaining. More than a quarter (26%) of women said they also noticed their partner was in need of more attention than usual.

When it came to detecting whether Man Flu was imminent New Zealand women were adept at identifying the tell-tale signs. A fifth of those surveyed said a spluttering cough signalled the arrival of Man Flu while 15% said it was the ear splitting sneezes that alerted them.

One in seven (14%) women said a graveyard of snotty tissues was a sure bet there was an impending case of Man Flu on the way, while more than a tenth (11%) said their partner resorted to childlike behaviour and wanted to remain in bed or on the sofa.

Not content to let the tissues, sneezing and coughing do it for them, apparently Kiwi men want to actually be reassured they are sick with more than a third (36%) of women saying this was the case.

Man Flu sufferers also wanted to be waited on hand and foot according to their partners (36%) with 4% of women saying their partners also wanting to be tucked into bed and have their temperature taken.

They may turn into children and be incredibly demanding when they’re sick but it seems many Kiwi men are at least honest about it. Almost three in ten (29%) Kiwi males admit to having suffered a persistent cold or flu that was difficult to shake, that could be described as Man Flu!

When it came to Kiwi women, almost eight out of 10 (79%) believe they are better at handling a cold or flu than their partners, but Kiwi men would disagree. Just over half (53%) believe they are the superior gender when it comes to managing a cold or flu!

Media Release 6 July 2014