First Impressions Last – Make Yours with Olay Men Solutions

( They say it takes only seven seconds for people to make a first impression – whether you’re entering a boardroom, turning up on a blind date or sitting in a job interview – and a bad one can last a lifetime.

Now you can achieve the look of peak performance first time, every time, with Olay Men Solutions – a skin care range developed exclusively for men.

For over 50 years Olay has been at the forefront of innovation and technology, and today offers a regimen of products to suit a range of women’s skincare needs – meeting and exceeding women’s expectations the world over.

With this in-depth understanding of skin care formulas and ingredients, Olay developed Olay Men Solutions – customized for the specific needs of men’s skin,

Olay Scientist, Dr. Colin D’Silva says: “Thanks to insights gathered over many years, Olay has an in-depth understanding of skin care ingredients and formulas. We wanted to harness this understanding to create a product range specifically for men – accommodating the fact that male skin has unique needs.”

“Men are lucky because they have thicker skin than women and it contains more collagen – making it much more resilient. However, whilst their skin is thicker and stronger than women’s they also have more sweat glands, larger pores, produce more sebum and are more prone to acne and irritation. And of course, they have to shave,” says Dr D’Silva.

“These differences mean that men have specific concerns that a skincare product should address, and as such, Olay Men Solutions has been created and designed specifically to address three key male skin concerns: oiliness, roughness and dullness.”

What worries men?

Roughness: Men’s skin is thicker than that of women, and therefore absorbs less. In addition, the texture is coarser and more likely to present dullness. Olay Men Solutions has an easily and actively absorbed product formulation which helps to ensure an improvement in skin roughness.

Oiliness: Male skin is more likely to be troubled by excessive oil and large pores than women’s, which can lead to skin problems such as acne. Male skin needs a mild but thorough cleansing product and Olay Men’s Solutions Cleansers offer a light weight texture and suitable to men’s skin.

Dullness: Environmental factors such as stress, poor diet and shaving can all impact on male skin, leading to signs such as sallow skin and dark circles under the eyes. Olay Men Solutions’ product formulations promote renewal and anti-oxidation to effectively help combat signs of tiredness.

The solution – Ingredients that work

In creating Olay Men Solutions, Olay researched and screened more than 100 formulas and selected from among more than 300 ingredients. The Olay Men Solutions range offers unique formulations that include Niacinamide, Vitamin Pro B5, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C and multiple botanical and mineral essences for men’s skin including Ginseng, Green tea, Witch Hazel & Cucumber.

“Niacinamide is a well known all rounder when it comes to skincare. It helps to increase hydration, improve skin texture, minimize pores and reduce sebum production,” says Dr D’Silva.

“Vitamin’s E & C offer anti-oxidant power to help skin to resist damage from free radicals, and Vitamin Pro B5 is a proven skin smoother that helps to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier.

“As a result, the combination of ingredients has resulted in a range of products that will provide men with a one-stop solution for multiple skin concerns – providing significant control of oil secretion, keeping skin hydrated for up to six hours and in just four days significantly improving skin elasticity,” he says.

Top New Zealand life coach, Clive Littin, says the most influential quality of peak performance is self-confidence and that the proven rules for making a good first impression are always the same.

“Look good, smell good, sound good. Common sense really. But you know what Oscar Wilde said about common sense? ‘It’s not very common.’ Therefore there is the danger of overlooking the critical importance of first impressions.

“Follow these simple rules: put some time and effort into how you look. Neat and tidy, smart and respectful. People never grow tired of looking at those nice things,” Littin says.

Product Line Up

A one-stop solution for multiple skin concerns, Olay Men Solutions offers a range of products to meet the needs and wants of Kiwi men:

Refreshing Energy Range- For normal to oily skin

•Refreshing Gel Foaming Cleanser – $12.99
•Balancing Gel Moisturiser – $19.99
Multi Solution Range – For normal to dry skin

•Smooth Cream Foaming Cleanser – $12.99
•Refreshing Post Shave Toner – $19.99
•Revitalising Cream – $19.99
•Eye Gel – $19.99
New Olay Men Solutions is available from major retailers and pharmacies nationwide from February 2011.

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Media Release 26 March 2011.