Like Your Local! unveils ‘worlds smartest poster & easiest website’ to aid Global SME recovery

The background – Like Your Local! was created initially to help local businesses unlock cashflow during the first Covid-19 lockdown. Since then the service has developed rapidly over a 6 month period in response to community feedback and been deployed in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

The what – Like Your Local! is a free website that provides any small business owner an easy and highly effective way to engage their audience to help grow their business. The service consists of a unique weblink that connects to a beautifully simple and highly effective mobile webpage together with a range of smart-posters that are uniquely generated for each business.

The why – The online world is fractured with plenty of distraction for business owners and customers alike. Like Your Local! solves this by providing a single easy to use webpage that links to only the most valuable business functions. This provides a better, easier way for businesses to engage their audience to unlock soft value (like social media followers, growing their database) and hard value (like gift cards, online orders and sales).

The how – Any small business operator can simply sign up for free on the website – in just a few clicks they can claim their unique weblink and smart posters. The business then simply adds their important business links to their Like Your Local! webpage, puts their posters up and shares their unique weblink over their social media profiles. We like to tell business owners to think of their weblink as ‘One Link to Like them all!’

About Like Your Local! – Like Your Local! (trading as FOMO Search PTY LTD) is a software company based in Melbourne AU and Tauranga NZ. Founded in 2017 the business designs and builds ‘clever simple’ software that enables people to easily support their favourite local businesses and for SME operators an easy, low-cost and highly effective online platform to engage their community and grow their business.

Media Release on 17 September 2020

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Mark M, Like Your Local!