Enhanced Home Cleaning at the Tips of Your Fingers

After 3 months of experiencing freedom from the grim virus, our country is back on alert. At the time of a pandemic, when virus spread can kill hundreds and thousands of people, it is our duty to keep our own surroundings clean. When we are healthy, we save ourselves and the people around us from the grim virus.

AUCKLAND, NZ — “We’re enhancing our mobile application and our home cleaning service so we can cater to anyone and everyone in need. Our goal now is to totally eradicate the traces of the virus in all homes. We all need to work together now.” shares an Urban Care representative.

Urban Care is a Kiwi-owned referral agency for babysitters, social workers, and cleaners. They have seen fluctuations in bookings from babysitters during the previous month to being COVID-free for cleaners, now that the country is back on alert. As the company observed the changes in their bookings, they are certain that locals are starting to look after their homes with triple the precautions.

COVID-19, it’s second, dreadful attack

“It can come back over and over again if we are not careful. I think we really need to educate everyone that cleanliness starts at home” are words expressed by the representative as he recalls the short period wherein the country was totally free from the virus.

The company is doing its best to reach more homes in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, where they currently operate. They are constantly training their local cleaners regarding safety measures and procedures under the strictly implemented precautions by the government. As they train their cleaners, they are also out on a mission to spread the word about the homes they service. A representative for Urban Care shares that its cleaners are specially trained to share cleaning tips with homeowners.

The director neither shared how they trained their cleaners nor where it was done.

When asked about the mobile application and why there is a need for it despite having a user-friendly website with a booking page, the director just said, “We want to be everywhere. Some users prefer mobile apps, some prefer using our website. We’ll cater to everyone. We’re also open for bookings through calls, you know. For traditional people who would prefer to talk to an agent rather than a chatbot.”

Visiting homes amidst second attack of the virus

Urban Care recently visited a home that booked recurring services to ensure its homes were well-sanitized. The customer states, “I can’t be too sure” pertaining to her own efforts in cleaning her home. “We need expert cleaners to clean our home”.

As his final words, Sam expresses their company’s fear whenever they render service. “Of course, we’re still cautious. I won’t deny that fear isn’t there. There still is.” “Our local cleaners are also afraid to catch it. So they are really careful and abide by the safety regulations as per the government.”

According to the company, their services can be booked in less than 60 seconds using their mobile application. You can download Urban Care’s mobile application to book a cleaning service here on Google Play Store and here on App Store.

About Urban Care

Urban Care is a smart and easy-to-use platform that connects people looking for household services with trusted and reliable experts. The mobile-enabled and website-enabled applications have brought customers closer together, putting the world in a more comfortable zone through innovation. The platform is easy to use, and customers can schedule a professional nanny, caregiver, and cleaner within a couple of minutes. Their valuable services are available throughout Auckland

Media Release on 17 September 2020

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