Urban Care, an Auckland-based social worker app referral platform, disrupts the household market

Auckland-based cleaning app referral platform and Kiwi-owned Urban Care company disrupts the household industry by offering a smart and easy-to-use platform that connects people looking for household services with trusted and reliable social worker experts, babysitter, home cleaners.

Their newly redesigned website and mobile application are easy to use. Users and customers can now schedule a social worker within a couple of minutes.

In light of unprecedented events, Urban Care’s business development team has been recently and ceaselessly studying the market as more and more people are going back to work and in need of a cleaner at home to do regular and hourly cleaning.

Aside from that, since schools are still closed and classes are put on hold, more workers going back to work are looking for nannies to watch over their homes and children.

Currently, they offer their services in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch areas.

“Previously, we’ve been working with families so they can have their leisure time. Now, we are working with families to help them regain their lost income and opportunities. We are addressing their household needs so they can look for jobs or go back to work.”

According to their Director Rahul Bhandari, the company was founded in hopes to bring customers closer to professional and trustworthy support workers, babysitter, and cleaners in New Zealand. According to the Director, they are putting the world in a more comfort zone through innovation – their platform. Booking a pro can be done within 60 seconds.

Urban Care initially provided a “book a pro” service for home cleaning. It has expanded well beyond cleaning, to provide Kiwis with the choice of more service options. “We want to be the number one place Kiwis turn to for help in and around their homes as well as their families,” Mr. Bhandari said.

Media Release on 25 May 2020

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