McRaeway Homes New Website

( A new McRaeway Homes website has just been launched. The new website is more modern, with visitors sure to find the site more user-friendly and easier to nagivate around.

McRaeway Homes know how important it is to have company-related information on hand when evaulating the vast array of home provider options available in the marketplace. Hence; a great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that the website content is richer in detail accross the board, allowing comprehensive, practical information available at customer’s fingertips. Specifically, further information has been featured on McRaeway Home’s supply partners and exclusive network of builders. McRaeway Homes are particularly proud of these close business relationships and are delighted to feature these individuals and companies on their website. As a customer, you will enjoy a united, common sense approach through all the organisations being closely aligned and working together from the same page.

The new website further enables customers to search for their own local network builder, as well as view examples of their work. At your leisure you can draw inspiration from over 50 flexible designs on offer, as well as save your favourite home designs. The new McRaeway Homes website also includes additional sections so you can find out the special features which are standard to McRaeway Homes, as well as view a comprehensive list of what is included in your home package. Latest news can also be found of what is happening within the company, as well as our community involvement and awards won. A section of most frequently asked questions is also available.

This year McRaeway Homes celebrate over 48 years of providing quality homes to heartland New Zealander’s, making them one of New Zealand’s most successful and long established housing companies. McRaeway Homes continues to adapt and evolve, bringing together the very best from the past with the technology and contemporary designs of today. Currently over 6,500 families call their own McRaeway “home.”

Be sure to visit McRaeway Home’s enticing new website, at the same address:

Media Release 5 November 2010 from McRaeway Homes.