Want More Sales?

(PR.co.nz) You have a great product or service. You have ensured your overheads are under control. You have plugged the leaks. But at the end of the day, there’s no money for you. Does this sound familiar? If only you could sell more!!!

Now if you had the sales skills of Arkwright from the corner shop in “Open All Hours” where you could sell anything to the unsuspecting customer, that would be helpful. However, a lot of work today behind the scenes has to happen to make tomorrow’s income.

How do you get people to come into the shop? What happens when they come in? How do you communicate with them? Do you have a sales script? Do some of your sales solutions help both parties to have a win / win situation like the following?

Arkwright: “Scotch broth? That’s very exotic. I’m afraid I don’t have any in small tins, only large tins.”

Mavis: “Oh”

Arkwright: “I can’t cut it in half Mavis, it all f-f-flops out. Tell you what, I’ll sell you a large tin but I’ll only charge you for two small tins.”

The whole sales process starts long before someone walks into the shop. Have you ever planned out how you are going to achieve your sales? Was this something you did when you first went into business and created a business plan? Have you updated this?

Why should the customer choose to do business with you? Is there a compelling reason why any prospective customer should choose you above all other options…including the option of doing nothing.

Palmerston North Accountancy and specialised business advisory firm – Coombe Smith (PN) Limited, is holding a free “Do you want more sales?” evening at 5:30pm on Tuesday, 8 October 2013 to provide the answers and give you the secret, with four strategies to choose from.

Places are limited, so don’t delay!!! Book your space for this free event.

Media Release 3 September 2013 from Coombe Smith Ltd.